Wednesday , 20 June 2018
Thought of The Day
  • Psychological Session

    Psychological Session for Alcohol Addicted Persons


Surya-Kiran is a SPIRITUAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL Treatment Centre situated in Paschimiwala, Vikasnagar, Dehradun.


  1. Without any Physical & Mental torture the treatment is provided by experienced counselors.
  2. Spiritual, mental & Emotional treatment given by twelve stepping.
  3. Treatment is given through Meditation, Prayers and Yoga.
  4. Physical & Mental Treatment is given by Expert Doctors.
  5. Ample facilities for various games & recreations.
  6. Every Patient is provided with a separate bed.
  7. Nutritious and balanced diet for every patient and with Open & Natural Atmosphere.

Using Drugs and Alcohol is not a habit but is a serious disease which spoils not only the addict/ alcoholic but also spoils economical and social life completely.

It’s Cure is Possible.